Avenue H puts employees in control of their own health plan decisions by choosing the coverage that best suits your own needs, preferences, and budget. 

  • Avenue H allows you the convenience to enroll online
  • Compare up to 70 quality healthcare plans from local providers
  • A search tool that will help you find which plans your doctor and local hospital participate with
  • Display your tax-free premium for each available plan

The Affordable Care Act requires several improvements to the insurance industry. For example:

  • There are no preexisting conditions. Everyone is now able to get health insurance regardless of their health history.
  • Health information is no longer required. The only info gathered during the enrollment process is your date of birth, the county you live in, and whether or not you use tobacco.
  • It's available to all full-time employees. Anyone who works more than 30 hours a week is considered full-time and eligible for coverage.