About Avenue H

Avenue H, Utah’s Small Business Health Insurance Marketplace, began in 2010. It is an online health insurance marketplace designed to help Utah's small businesses with 1- 50 eligible full-time equivalent employees.

Through 2017, Avenue H is open for business. Groups who join in 2017 will have plans and rates honored for their full 12 month contract.

 In 2018, Avenue H "winds-down" operations:

  • Avenue H is not accepting new groups as of January 1, 2018
  • Exisiting groups may not renew with Avenue H in 2018
  • Avenue H will continue to support exisiting groups in 2018
  • FF-SHOP (healthcare.gov) will be in place for January 1, 2018

 With more options available in one place, Avenue H will help small business owners with:

Choice and Value - Employers can now offer a variety of health plan options, and employees can easily compare plans to select the option that is best for their family.

Controllable Costs - Employers choose the dollar amount they can contribute to each employee’s heath care plan, using our Defined Contribution. Employers will know ahead of time how much they will be contributing each year to each employee, making their costs more controllable and predictable.

Ease of Administration - Employees will have access to their individual accounts, including all of their elections and plan information. Employers can access enrollment information as well as billing and invoicing information from one online portal.