Individuals and Families

Avenue H is Utah's small business health insurance solution. It caters solely to small businesses with 1-50 employees that offer insurance to those employees. Individuals and families have the following options for getting insured:

The federal Health Insurance Marketplace is the national exchange for individual insurance coverage. Click here to transfer to to apply.

Medicaid & Childrens Health Insurance Plans (CHIP)

Some individuals are eligible for Medicaid and CHIP. Review the document below to see if you qualify for coverage under these plans based on your income and family status. If you meet the qualifications in the document, we suggest that you apply directly at for a more timely response to your application.

Tool for Individual Medical Insurance Applications

The Affordable Care Act has a significant impact on all Utahns, and it can be confusing to know how it applies to you. The brochure below can help you understand the law and figure out the best place for you to find coverage.

Insurance in 2014






Quality & Transparency

One of the initiatives of Utah's Health System reform efforts is to provide consumers and businesses with greater quality and transparency information regarding their health choices. Here you will find information that will help you to make better and more informed choices.  Quality & Transparency »