* If your employer has already given you your login ID and password, please proceed to the Avenue H Enrollment Portal to enroll. *

Avenue H puts employees in control of their own health plan decisions. You are able to choose the coverage that best suits your own needs, preferences, and budget. Avenue H lets you compare more than 70 plans from three providers, calculate the premium that will be paid by you and your employer, and then apply for coverage online. Further instructions regarding registration and enrollment will be provided by your employer or insurance agent.

The Affordable Care Act requires several improvements to the insurance industry. Many of these changes are behind the scenes, but several will benefit you as an employee beginning immediately. Specifically for groups like yours that will begin coverage on or after January 1, 2014:

  • There are no preexisting conditions. Everyone is now able to get health insurance regardless of their health history.
  • No health information is required. The only info gathered during the enrollment process is your date of birth, the county you live in, and whether you use tobacco.
  • It's available to all full-time employees. Anyone who works more than 30 hours a week is considered full-time and eligible for coverage.

Getting Started

2014 Renewing Group Employee Checklist2014 Renewing Group Checklist2014 New Group Employee Checklist2014 New Group ChecklistThe first step begins with your employer notifying Avenue H they want to participate. Your employer will work directly with an insurance agent to begin the setup process.

Employees will be instructed, by their employer, to make their benefit election choices during the scheduled open enrollment period. During this enrollment period, if an employee does not elect a medical plan or does not choose to waive coverage, the employee will be defaulted into a pre-selected medical plan chosen by the employer.

Enrolled participants will receive ID cards directly from their coverage provider corresponding with their benefit effective date. If you have questions regarding coverage, please contact the provider directly via Avenue H Customer Solutions at 855-850-2834 (AVEH) or contact your insurance agent directly for additional details.


Advantages of Avenue H

  • Individual Control and Choice: Avenue H puts you, not your employer, in control of your health plan decisions. Pick the coverage that best suits your own needs, preferences, and budget. Avenue H lets you compare plans from multiple providers, calculate your premium contribution, and apply for coverage online.
  • Pay with Pre-Tax Dollars: Health insurance plans available through Avenue H preserve the tax benefits of traditional employer-sponsored plans. Your premium contributions are made with pre-tax dollars, reducing your tax liability. Certain plans available via Avenue H may also allow pre-tax contributions to a Health Savings Account (HSA) which you own. For more information about Health Savings Accounts, click here.
  • Plan Portability: Avenue H allows for plan portability, meaning that you won't have to switch your health plan if you switch your job, providing that both employers participate in a defined contribution plan on Avenue H. You're able to choose the exact same plan that you had at your old job, but be aware that you could end up paying more depending on your new employer's contribution.
  • Participating Carriers: Avenue H allows you the flexibility of choosing your plan of choice from several different carriers. Currently three carriers are participating. We expect to see an increased number of participants as we progress.

Domestic Partners

Employees who choose domestic partner coverage must sign an affidavit as required by our partner carriers, and will be required to supply supporting documentation.

Quality & Transparency

One of the initiatives of Utah's Health System reform efforts is to provide consumers and business with greater quality and transparency information regarding their health care choices.  Here you will find our initial efforts to provide data that we feel will help the consumers and businesses of Utah to make better and more informed choices.  Quality & Transparency »