About Us

In 2005, the Utah State Government made health system reform one of its top policy priorities. Since then, legislative leaders and senior executive staff have worked together to create a vision of success for Utah. Through this process, specific areas of need have been identified. One of them is to bring the consumer back into the equation. Too many decisions that affect people's lives are made by others.

In 2008 & 2009, critical legislation was passed that will do exactly that. HB 133 (2008) & HB 188 (2009) directs the Office of Consumer Health Services to create an internet portal that will facilitate the requirements specified in Utah's Health System Reform legislation.  In 2010, HB 0294 included provisions for further transparency.

Avenue H is the realization of that instruction.  At its core, Avenue H is designed to connect consumers to the information they need to make informed health care choices, and in the case of health insurance, to execute that choice electronically.

The Office of Consumer Health Services is housed in the Governor's Office of Economic Development (GOED) who's mission is to nurture an environment where Utah companies can be successful, and the business community can create jobs that raise Utah’s citizen’s standard of living. For more information about GOED, please visit their website or review the annual report.

Avenue H currently has more than 350 small employer groups participating, covering more than 8,000 covered lives.  The counts continue to grow each month as Avenue H focuses its efforts on offering a health care solution for Utah's small businesses and their employees.  For more statistics, please visit our dashboard.